Eastside Kickers was formed in 1989 with the primary intention of providing soccer at the highest competitive level available for girls. Since this time, we have seen a great number of Eastside players progress to play at the senior levels, provincial levels, many have received scholarships from Universities, and a few have gone on to professional careers in North America and abroad.

The Eastside soccer teams currently range from U15 to U18. EKSC represents Essex County soccer at the district level, making us the only club to represent Windsor at this level, in these age groups. These teams travel within Western Ontario and the state of Michigan. Some tournaments also take us to other Canadian provinces and American states.


Our objective is to promote and develop soccer at our current levels, and to work and to provide the highest available standard of competition for these players, while helping individuals and local sister clubs to develop their leadership skills both on the pitch and in the community. The Eastside Kickers represents Windsor and Essex County for girls youth soccer outside the local district. We are a Soccer club, serving our community, enabling each of our players to be the best that they can be.


Respect, Teamwork, Fun, Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, Community